Sunday, 25 April 2010

st ishmaels

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

It's ya boi Bangs...

This is my new fave song. It reminds me of my older sister.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

beach, sun and ice cream

we went to the beach in eastbourne today. it was a bit windy but the sun was super warm

Friday, 16 April 2010

yes... summer

the sun is shining and im sooo excited about summer

Thursday, 15 April 2010

where's my monkey

my boyfriend sent me this to cheer me up while writing this really boring essay for cultural and critical studies.

it mega cheered me up :)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

notting hill

brixton high rise

Saturday, 10 April 2010

nanny daisy

i went to see my nanny last week and shes 90. thats sooo old

mum always complains shes getting forgetful - she has 90 years worth of stuff in her head to to think about, give her a break!?
i found this picture of me, my older sister, nanny and grandad.


i spent easter week with my dad in his new house in the small town of Ystumtuen.
i had the best week exploring the mountains in the sunshine and even snow.
but i don’t think the pictures illustrate how amazing the surroundings really were.

this is the village. there are about 4 houses and a church

this gate was at the top of a mountain. it didnt really lead to anything.

dad the shepard

this gate makes me smile

i found half a lamb...

dad has this in his garden. this makes me smile too

the snow came. you can just make out dads house on the left above the gate

we built two snowmen! they were coooool


i went on the study trip with the university to amsterdam

art of the accident 2

brighton brief - redesign a book cover

I spent hours looking for a book cover to redesign.
i rummaged all of the shops in the north lanes for a book about the brain because i wanted to create some imagery which incorporated the mind and the thinking process.

these are the original front an back cover -

incorporating parts of the original design i created this as my final spread

art of the accident

brighton brief - art of the accident.
collage and potato printing


it snowed in brighton. super smiley

taken with my film camera and scanned in the negatives. i like them

let there be light

brighton brief - let there be light

portes du soliel

snowboarding this year was super fun.
these are some of my fave photos.

the tall teeeee
so my boyfriends is a ski bum.
he thinks hes really cool, so i designed him a wicked design and put it on a tall tee for him.

wiki wiki wooo

true or false

first brief at brighton. something along the lines of true facts.
we made 125 boxes with facts on them.
one box held the fact - the average person lies up to 1260 times a year.
i wasn't until you found this box that you realise the rest of the facts weren't true.

my favorite facts -
at 13 hospitals around the UK there is a Dr Pepper on staff.
to create a nurturing, non-judgemental atmosphere, math teachers now have to tell
children that no numbers are truly negative.
when in heat. female hippopotamus secrete an oil with a similar flavour to strawberries.

soundwave fesitval

i went to croatia with friends last summer. it was magical

First blog... ahhh

so i needed to start a blog to organise my life.